Benjamin Katz

Vier Kunstler: Rainer Mang, Thomas Virnich, Wolfgang Laib, Willi Kopf (German Edition)
by Benjamin Katz
Publisher's Description
This is a photographic documentary of the studio life and working methods of four contemporary German sculptors--Rainer Mang, Thomas Virnich, Wolfgang Laib, and Willi Kopf. There are four "volumes" in the book, each devoted to the work of a single artist with a brief introductory text followed by a series photographs showing the artist at work. Benjamin Katz's photographs are often striking, carrying the mundane daily work of these artists into another realm. Short biographical sketches for each of the artists and Katz complete the book. The text is in German.
ISBN: 3893221786
Publisher: Edition Cantz
Hardcover : 167 pages
Language: German
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