Norbert Guthier

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No. 3 Guthier
by Norbert Guthier
Publisher's Description
With his third publication, Guthier No 3, Norbert Guthier presents his most daring work until now. The book is the answer to the question whether it is possible for a photographer to accompany women, men and couples while making love, without destroying the special intimacy, tenderness and magic of the moment. Norbert Guthier has succeeded in remaining part of the background and in actually fusing with the protagonists at the same time. It was the only way to keep alive the intimacy and poetry of the situation, and to simultaneously translate the frivolity, the passion and the humor of these moments. And to make all of this visible and perceptible for the viewer. Guthier No 3 is the ideal present for open-minded, curious and selfconfident women, men and couples. It addresses itself to all those that seek new inspirations and take pleasure in piquant, creative and humorous eroticism. 6 x hopes that you will enjoy yourself!
ISBN: 3899040716
Hardcover : 156 pages
Language: English
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