My Favourite Place: European Prize of Architectural Photography 2007 (European Architectural Photography Prize) (German Edition)
by Architekturbild E V
Publisher's Description
The European Architectural Photography Prize was initiated in 1995 and handed over in 2003 to the nonprofit association architekturbild e.V., a society in support of an artistic critique through photography of the built environment. The 28 best series of photographs were presented in a catalogue and a travelling exhibition worldwide. The topic for 2007 is “My favourite place“. The word “place“ is not meant in the narrowest sense. The favourite place can be a house or just a certain room in a house, it can be a road, a public place or an intimate courtyard. Sometimes a tiny detail is used to describe a certain place photographically, sometimes a panorama view.
ISBN: 3899860845
Publisher: Avedition
Hardcover : 114 pages
Language: English
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