Sabine Haubitz

Sinai Hotels
by Zoche
Publisher's Description
Coral Beach, Sultan's Palace, Magic Life Imperial, Fort Arabesque: the names of the hotels in this enchanting, full-color book promise luxury in a tropical paradise. But the reality found by German artist duo Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche is surprising and far more interesting. The photographers went to the Sinai Peninsula and documented the ruins of twenty-two hotels that are mere shells, abandoned mid-construction because of declining tourism, fears of terrorism or bad financing deals and subsidy scandals. The permanently deep-blue sky and noble cliffs of the desert contrast sharply with these concrete skeletons and empty swimming pools, with cheesy pseudo-medieval details and vast empty plazas. Some will make you think of Luxor's Valley of the Kings, others a post-nuclear landscape. Haubitz & Zoche's work owes a clear debt to Bernd and Hilla Becher's photographs of industrial architecture as anonymous sculpture, but these two young artists have found their own deeply evocative subject.
ISBN: 3901756647
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Hardcover : 88 pages
Language: English
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