Rivka Rinn

Rivka Rinn
by Rivka Rinn
Publisher's Description
Rivka Rinn is an artist on the go: this handsome, limited-edition color volume presents four new series of photographs documenting the artist's travel over the past ten years. Rinn's narrative-based, hyper-intense digital photos are often produced with ink-jet printer on glass and mounted in beautifully lit displays; the book shows many of them in context, adding another way of appreciating the Israel-born, European based photographer's work. Certainly, Rinn's photos, whether of crowded streets in Japan or a heavenly, cloud-studded sky juxtaposed with a Renaissance dome, add an unexpected dimension to our view of the world. With an insightful introduction by curator Barbara Wally.
ISBN: 3901756876
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Paperback : 76 pages
Language: English
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