Valentina Seidel

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Valentina Seidel: Exchange, Portraits with Artists
by Valentina Seidel
Publisher's Description
Portraits have long been a vehicle for showing the values and social class of their subjects, from Old Master portraits like van Eyk's famous Arnolfini Wedding to the August Sander photos of workers with their tools. In this simultaneously profound and amusing book, influential German artist Valentina Seidel photographed artists, designers and others from the art world in settings they themselves selected, with objects that had personal meaning. By allowing the subjects some control of the portraits, Seidel creates photographs that tell uncommon and intimate stories. These beautifully reproduced full-color photographs make a remarkable statement about human values.
ISBN: 3901756949
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Paperback : 124 pages
Language: English
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