Andreas Duscha

Places Of Worship - Andreas Duscha
by Andreas Duscha
Publisher's Description
Interfaith prayer rooms at airports are open to all faiths. Since the 1980s they have grown in number in response to increased migration and the globalisation of mobility. For ‘Place’s of Worship’ Andreas Duscha (b 1976) has documented 24 of these rooms across Asia, Europe and the United States, allowing comparisons to be made within the photographic series. Is there an inherent aesthetic of quasi neutral spiritual rooms? Do the symbols of the country’s dominant religion influence the appearance of these rooms? Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition held at the Museum fu¨r Vo¨lkerkunde in Vienna.
ISBN: 3902517565
Publisher: Metroverlag
Hardcover : 90 pages
Language: English
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