Katharina Sieverding

Katharina Sieverding in Austria 1964-2008
by Katharina Sieverding
Publisher's Description
Over more than 40 years, this tremendously influential Czech-born artist has left a mark on Salzburg, from her beginnings as an assistant stage designer at the renowned music festival, and especially since 1995 as a professor of photography class at the Summer Academy for Fine Arts. This beautifully produced volume highlights Sieverding’s unique method of working, in which she generates new images from her own past work, creating a constant critical examination revealing socio-political and socio-cultural structures of the art business. Her contribution to the development of interdisciplinary media-based art is evident here, and discussed in several illuminating essays. Her work is in many museum collections.
ISBN: 3902675004
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Paperback : 168 pages
Language: English
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