Markus Krottendorfer: Stock Car
by Markus Krottendorfer
Publisher's Description
Stock car racing in the United States has long outgrown its country-bumpkin origins – under the aegis of NASCAR, it’s one of the fastest-growing American sports, thick with corporate sponsors and fat purses for drivers. But in the United Kingdom, stock car racing is still true to its rough-and-tumble origins. Austrian photographer Markus Krottendorfer’s new documentary series, Stock Car, brings us into this world of racing in the UK. Graphically printed and expertly photographed, these grainy black and white images capture the gritty, hands-on sensibility of the UK stock car racing community. An excellent document that succeeds in capturing not only the racing but the devoted fans, drivers and speedways that house this action-packed sport.
ISBN: 3902675063
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Paperback : 280 pages
Language: English
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