Gregor Sailer

Gregor Sailer: Ladiz
by Gregor Sailer
Publisher's Description
Perhaps it’s because one of photographer Gregor Sailer’s Tyrolean ancestors lost the Alpine pasture he owned in a card game a few generations ago. Maybe it’s the challenge of working with large-format film in the extreme conditions of the Alps: above-timberline altitudes, sub-zero temperatures, wind blasts and blowing snow. It could be the enchantment of composing photographs that capture the beauty of the Austrian Alps, or the responsibility of documenting the mutations of alpine landscape under the pressures of tourism and global warming. In any case, this beautifully designed volume, wrapped in a tasteful vellum dustcover, is the perfect showcase of Sailer’s most recent work. Includes an essay by photo-historian Anton Holzer.
ISBN: 3902675152
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Hardcover : 70 pages
Language: English
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