Hanns Otte: Linz (German Edition)
by Hanns Otte
Publisher's Description
In a tradition of photographic city portraits, Austrian photographer Hanns Otte exposes an idiosyncratic energy of image in his own particular approach to Linz, 2009’s Cultural Capital of Europe. Otte purposely avoid taking “typical” photographs of city’s industrial areas urban centers or shopping malls. Instead, he trains his lens on deserted situations – even highly frequented places such as railway stations, ports, and car parks remain largely anonymous. Rather than showing people, Otte shows the places where they interact. His project is part of a long tradition which has retraced a special topography of social life. Like Otte’s other photographic projects, this collection allows the viewer to see the details of the texture of urban life without interference.
ISBN: 3902675160
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Hardcover : 80 pages
Language: German
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