Jurgen Bergbauer

Jürgen Bergbauer: Studies After Nature (English and German Edition)
by Jürgen Bergbauer
Publisher's Description
A formidable student of perception, German photographer/artist Jürgen Bergbauer presents photographs of “objects” (that is, rocks) found on the side of the road. Bergbauer organized these “objects,” 157 of them to be exact, by composition and utility, and then made 665 photographs of them, digitally isolating them from their backgrounds, turning them into “modules” that can be placed differently in space. A step away from traditional photography, these works allow for different kinds of perception-as graphic, simulation or icon placed on an empty storage space. Bergbauer is at the beginning of his career; this hardcover will surely be the first of many interesting studies. This book rocks!
ISBN: 3902675187
Publisher: Fotohof Editions
Hardcover : 70 pages
Language: English
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