PierLuigi Macor

Pierluigi Macor: Future
by Pierluigi Macor
Publisher's Description
The photographs of PierLuigi Macor ooze with a fluidity that animates them while also reflecting an acute ability to capture delicate visual moments, whether they are an explosion of colour, a trick of the eye, a pattern, detail or unguarded moment. Collected here in this hardback edition are an intriguing set of images that the photographer first presented in a monthly guide to events at Zukunft, a music club in Zurich between August 2007 and December 2008. Generously presented here in large format the photographs are printed one to a page on thick, glossy paper in a visual essay that includes a host of subjects, including: forests, parks, animals, marines, prostitutes, graffiti, film stills and unsuspecting passers-by.
ISBN: 3905509857
Publisher: Editions Patrick Frey
Hardcover : 122 pages
Language: English
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