I Grew Up on the Back of a Water Ox: The Story of Lee
by Stefan Tamo et al. Lee and Cello Rohr
Publisher's Description
Jimmy, Jackie, Lee, Suzy are names that Asians living in exile have adopted because their real names would have been too complicated for life in the West. Lee (Jintana Junhom) came to Europe from Asia in the 1970s. First to Germany, then to Switzerland. Lee has been the advertising icon for Lily’s Stomach Supply since 1999. This book shows us the world of Lily’s Stomach Supply and Lee’s life, featuring a lot of private photographs, advertisements, slogans and design. It includes conversations between Lee and Esther Eppstein telling us the story of a woman who came to Zurich from Bangkok.
ISBN: 3905509873
Publisher: Patrick Frey,Switzerland
Paperback : 140 pages
Language: German
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