Gauri Gill

Gauri Gill - Balika Mela
by Gauri Gill
Publisher's Description
Gauri Gill is a photographer from Dehli. Her most important and riveting works include her ‘Family Album’ about the Indian Diaspora communities in America, village communities in northwest India, and Afghan Indians in Dehli. Over the last ten year Gill has focused her attention on the rural communities of Rajasthan. At the ‘Balika Mela’, a fair for girls in the village of Lunkara-nsar, she created a photo-stall for people to come in and have their portraits taken, in 2003 for black and white and in 2010 for colour photography. Photographs from both series are collected in this book.
ISBN: 3905929163
Publisher: Patrick Frey
Hardcover : 176 pages
Language: English
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