Luca Schenardi

Luca Schenardi - An Vogelhausern Mangelt Es Jedoch Nicht (German Edition)
by Various
Publisher's Description
This publication marks the first time that specialized ornithological knowledge has been joined with subjective perception, bringing together drawings, digital illustrations, photography and splendid bird portraits. With his own subjective imagery and pictorial language, illustrator and artist Luca Schenardi links human impact to the decline of nature. Using birds as an indication of our materialistic way of life, the book demystifies and clearly demonstrates the present condition in Western Europe and beyond. Schenardi’s artistic expression is characterised by biting social criticism and cynicism mixed with offbeat humour and irony, yet avoids the prevalent cultural pessimism.
ISBN: 3905929236
Publisher: Patrick Frey
Hardcover : 284 pages
Language: German
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