Walter Pfeiffer

Walter Pfeiffer - Scrapbook 1969-1985
by Martin Jaeggi
Publisher's Description
Walter Pfeiffer’s ‘Scrapbooks’ are a very unique ‘Wunderkammer’. His Polaroids and other photographs alternate with miscellaneous objects – newspaper clippings, postcards, packaging, tickets – and brief, punning notes. All of this is assembled into a large collage full of surprising references and comparisons that is both a visual diary and creative foundation of his artistic work. Pfeiffer’s keen view on popular culture, his disrespectful humour, and his appreciation for the poetry in the mundane and banal are all sharply revealed. Offering insight into his meandering and playful universe, they capture the zeitgeist of the 1970s and ‘80s with ephemeral elegance.
ISBN: 3905929252
Publisher: Patrick Frey
Hardcover : 460 pages
Language: German
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