Erik Van Der Weijde

Erik Van Der Weijde - O. Niemeyer
by Various
Publisher's Description
Dutch photographer Erik van der Weijde uses a simple book of full-page, black-and-white photographs without text to present architect Oscar Niemeyer’s monumental work in the modernist city of Brasília. These images of the so-called utopian city are stark and carefully devoid of people. In this way, Van der Weijde chooses for a clear focus on the structures and urban spaces, lending the series an architectural purity and imparting some of the grand scale of the city, perhaps even agreeing with the critics who have referred to it as dehumanising and full of elegant monotony.
ISBN: 3905999323
Publisher: 4478zine & Rollo Press
Paperback : 104 pages
Language: English
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