Thomas Flechtner

Thomas Flechtner: Snow
by Thomas Flechtner
Publisher's Description
Thomas Flechtner: Snow

In Thomas Flechtner's photographs, snow becomes a metaphor for timelessness, stillness, peace, distance, and loneliness. Both civilization and the untouched countryside succumb to the white weight of this element, undergoing a transformation equally enigmatic and physically definitive, overwhelmingly magical and bitterly cold. Bereft of people, Flechtner's images of snow-covered places cause the viewer to pine for silence and transparency, for buildings bleached by their coats of hard frost and ice floes broken into unstable shards. In their elegant, often abstracted compositions and the diversity of their shades of white, Flechtner's photographs also admit the poignancy of the artist's perceptive abilities. Snow is the first monograph to be published on the artist.

Thomas Flechtner was born in Switzerland in 1961. His photographs of Anselm Kieffer's studio estate in Barjac appear in Anselm Kieffer: The Seven Heavenly Palaces. He currently lives and works in Switzerland, in the town of La Sagne.
ISBN: 3907078497
Publisher: Lars Muller
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: English
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