Parkett No. 85: Maria Lassnig, Beatriz Milhazes, Jean-Luc Mylayne, Josh Smith
by Bice Curiger
Publisher's Description
Parkett 85 celebrates the revered nonagenarian Austrian painter Maria Lassnig with new writing by Manuela Ammer, Robert Storr and Ludmila Vachtova; the Brazilian painter of carnival-inspired tropical plants and patterns, Beatriz Milhazes, with texts by Tanya Barson, Arto Lindsay and Barry Schwabsky; the strangely compelling French photographer of birds and bird habitats, Jean-Luc Mylayne, with writing by Josef Helfenstein and Fionn Meade; and the rising New York painter, Josh Smith, with texts by Christophe Cherix, Anne Pontegnie and Ira Wool. Also in this issue: Gabriel Kuri and Damian Ortega in conversation; Mark Godfrey on Sharon Lockhart; texts by Mark Von Schlegell, Andrew Weiner, Rainer Michael Mason and Rachel Price. Insert is by Matthias Uhr and spine is by Josh Smith.
ISBN: 3907582454
Publisher: Parkett
Paperback : 300 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.2 x 9.8 x 1 inches
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