Claudio Alessandri

by Claudio Alessandri
Publisher's Description
"Claudio Alessandri has photographed women from his circle of acquaintances-women who had never posed nude before. The resulting series of 120 nudes is a study in female diversity, and an intense document of their eroticism, charisma and joy. The diversity of female body language and the eloquence of self-projection merge with an intensity of expression and fragility that occurs only in exceptional circumstances, such as this, where each woman is being professionally photographed for the very first time...We not only gain the impression that the women are showing themselves as they like to see themselves, but can well imagine that quite a few of them may have discovered a new aspect of their own beauty in the resulting nude photographs."-the publisher.
ISBN: 390816334X
Publisher: Edition Stemmle
Hardcover : 156 pages
Language: English
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