Gianluigi Di Napoli

CircusLife: Every Night, All Around the World
by Gianluigi Di Napoli
Publisher's Description
"Gianlugi di Napoli gives the famous Medrano family circus a great entrance on the stage of his remarkable black-and-white photography, drawing us into the enchanting spot-lit world of the big top, full of the beauty and movement of the animals and the concentration of the artists. He invites us to take a look behind the scenes, at the hard work of rehearsal and the everyday life of the circus family. As the photographer himself says, 'I wanted to capture the moment of preparation when the artiste is waiting to make an entrance and triumphally present his skills- the moment when the body already has a rush of adrenaline, the lights are up, but the artiste is still standing in the dust.' "-the publisher.
ISBN: 0375701257
Publisher: Edition Stemmle
Hardcover : 118 pages
Language: English
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