Steve Diet Goedde

The Beauty of Fetish: Volume 2
by Steve Diet Goedde
Publisher's Description
" 'In Goedde's images the very stillness of the air is filled with anticipation, capturing a sliver of a story, perhaps something very private and magical. The viewer wonders what came before that moment and what pleasures lie ahead...These photos linger in one's mind like a fragment from an erotic dream.' In her description of his images, fetish diva Midori, touches on the very core of his fetish photography: the subtlety with which he portrays beautiful women and the eroticism of the fetish world without ever being too obvious, as so many other fetish photographers can be. In the scenes he sets, in his stills and portraits of impeccable style and subtle atmosphere, he never strays from the path dictated by the elegance and beauty of fetish fashion. What is more, in addition to the skillful arrangements and portraits familiar to readers from the first volume, Goedde has also included some color snapshots taken during the shootings, whose unpolished aesthetic and directness have a vitality all their own."-the publisher.
ISBN: 3908163420
Publisher: Edition Stemmle
Hardcover : 136 pages
Language: English
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