Max Schmid

Genesis: Landscapes by Max Schmid
by Max Schmid
Publisher's Description
Landscapes by Max Schmid

132 pages, 13-8/10 x 12-6/10, 114 color photographs, Cloth

Max Schmid's majestic color landscape photography has been compared to the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich and to the music of Mendelssohn. His dramatic work transports us through its symphonic grandeur and scope, and transcends through Schmid's ability to capture the eternal in a fleeting moment. His intense color landscape photography celebrates the formidable forces of nature and the elemental beauty of the earth, sea and sky, creating a breathtaking primordial vision. Schmid's compositions are in the tradition of great, classic landscape photography in terms of his brilliant mastery of light, scope, perspective, and contrast. Each Max Schmid landscape is an extraordinary masterpiece of art.

The work collected in this monograph focuses largely on the magnificent landscapes of New Zealand, Australia, North and South America, Europe and Iceland.

Max Schmid was born in Zurich, Switzerland in 1945. He has lead photographic expeditions and traveled to the most remote areas of the world as a landscape photographer and nature-lover. His dramatic photography has earned him status as one of the most celebrated history and landscape photographers in his time. His photographs have appeared throughout the world in more than twenty books.

He is the author of Wilderness Light, Switzerland Rediscovered, published by Edition Stemmle.
ISBN: 3908163803
Publisher: Edition Stemmle
Hardcover : 132 pages
Language: English
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