The Reenchantment of Art
by Suzi Gablik
Publisher's Description
In The Reenchantment of Art, Suzi Gablik has taken a bold step toward redefining the role of art in our society. She writes, "The psychic and social structures in which we live have become too profoundly anti-ecological, unhealthy, and destructive" to indulge in "[the artist's stance] of alienation and social antipathy." Gablik argues for meaningful art, created outside the usual patriarchal paradigm of competition, power struggle, and need for domination. She uses several modern artists as examples of this fresh approach, including Fern Shaffer, David T. Hanson, Suzanne Lacy, and Mierle Laderman Ukeles. This book will inspire anyone interested in the future of art.
ISBN: 0500236194
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Hardcover : 148 pages
Language: English
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