Uwe Kempen

Intim (German Edition)
by Uwe Kempen
Publisher's Description
'My secret games of erotic fantasies are made visible in the picture thanks to the sensitive eye of the photographer and the camera'; this is how the nude model, Jennifer, described her work for the new book of photographs by the renowned Berlin photographer, Uwe Kempen. Kempen’s models – exclusively women – are amateurs, he stumbles on them by chance, they come from the most diverse social backgrounds. It is their naturalness, their enthusiasm that inspires the artist: their self-confidence and boldness result in images of voluptuous nudes bursting with erotic overtones. In his new book, Intim, Kempen often puts his models in everday, public settings: corridors and staircases, office buildings and cities (New York) provide him with the stage for his productions, in which the erotic fantasies of his models is always to the fore. His models depict the erotic in our daily surroundings and the eroticism in our lives that is always around us when we are open and alert to perceiving it. Kempen’s pictures are unusual, surprising, cheeky, humorous and provocative – experiments that stimulate one to explore one’s own intimate games that can be played in the realms of fantasy.
ISBN: 392631866X
Publisher: 6x6.com
Hardcover : 119 pages
Language: English
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