A Second look: Women photographers of the Gernsheim Collection (Fotomuseum)
by Well-illustrated
Publisher's Description
The Gernsheim Collection is distinguished by containing one of the greatest collections of early photography by women. Underappreciated for decades, women photographers have only recently been given the exposure they deserve. The artists represented in this collection--Anna Atkins, Jane Alexander, Lady Clementina Hawarden, Julia Margaret Cameron, Lady Charlotte Milles, Queen Alexandra, Alice Hughes, Christina Broom, Gertrude Käsebier, Anne Brigman, Winifred Casson and Ida Kar--were rarely, if ever, considered great photographers while they lived. Thanks to collectors like Gernsheim, their visions can now be seen in all their glory.
ISBN: 3930054051
Publisher: Deutsche Fototage
Paperback : 159 pages
Language: German
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