I'll Be Your Mirror
by Nan Goldin
Publisher's Description
Nan Goldin is perhaps the most important artist to have documented the "party years" of American culture. Her engaged and compassionate eye makes public the manic, passionate, and abusive, urban culture that flourished, and then crashed into the AIDS epidemic. This profusely illustrated monograph is the companion to a mid-career retrospective at the Whitney Museum.
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Based on an exhibition of the same title at the Whitney Museum of American Art this collection of more than 300 pictures documents the alternative culture of Nan Goldin's friends and acquaintances in the arty bohemian substrata of Manhattan. Goldin turns her camera outward to record transvestites carousing in downtown clubs and the social impact of AIDS and drugs; and inward to look with unblinking intimacy at her friends, her lovers of both sexes, and herself. She records her boyfriend masturbating. She shows him on the toilet. She shows her own battered face in a mirror after he beats her up. She traces the decline and death of her friend Cookie Mueller. Goldin has created a stark record of her urban demi-monde.
ISBN: 3931141330
Publisher: Scalo Publishers
Hardcover : 491 pages
Language: English
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