Jonathan Meese: Dash Snow Fanzine
Publisher's Description
New York artist Dash Snow’s death in July 2009, two weeks before his 28th birthday, sent waves of grief through the art world and prompted numerous homage exhibits and events. In 2007, Snow had visited Berlin for his exhibition The End of Living, the Beginning of Survival, held at Contemporary Fine Arts. Photographers Jan Bauer, Bruno Brunnet, Jochen Littkemann, Franziska Sinn and Lutz Weinmann were on hand to record the visit, and for this homage fanzine/artist’s book, the German multimedia artist Jonathan Meese has selected from their photographs to memorialize and celebrate his friend. Meese collages abstract geometrical paper shapes, scrawls comments, adds big globs and splashes of paint to the images of Snow in Berlin, rendering the chaotic, prolific creative energies of both Snow and himself in a defiant visual eulogy.
ISBN: 3931355543
Publisher: Walther König, Köln/Contemporary Fine Arts, Berlin
Paperback : 46 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 8.4 x 12 x 0 inches
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