Kaucyila Brooke

Kaucyila Brooke: Vitrinen in Arbeit (English and German Edition)
by Kaucyila Brooke
Publisher's Description
American photographer Kaucyila Brooke finds sly ways to explore of the values of contemporary culture. In this beautiful collection, Brooke looks at the renovation of the display cases at Vienna’s Natural History Museum as an opportunity to record the layering of time and history, and to comment on what information our cultural arbiters – in this case, museum curators – see as important. As the museum transitions from the static 19th-century exhibition model to an interactive 21st-century style, Brooke makes knowing use of the reflections and transparency of the glass cases, and the disorder of their contents. The oversized collection of 140 color images is cleverly packaged in a hardcover binding and clear dustcover made to represent a vitrine.
ISBN: 3932187695
Publisher: Verlag Schaden
Hardcover : 132 pages
Language: English
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