Teresa Hubbard

Teresa Hubbard, Alexander Birchler: Wild Walls
by Martin Hentschel
Publisher's Description
Teresa Hubbard and Alexander Birchler invent stories. And they create their photographic sequences as if they were putting together a film in which to tell these stories. Each sequence has a script, specially chosen actors, and purpose-built sets in which even the smallest details are attended to with great care. But each picture also contains a second narrative that asks questions about how a story arises, how it is constructed. The resulting uncertainties in Hubbard and Birchler’s videos and photographs is methodical and deliberate, and persistently apparent in the range of works reproduced in Wild Walls, including two complete video works from 2001, 'Detached Building' and 'Eight.'
ISBN: 3933040752
Publisher: Kerber
Hardcover : 152 pages
Language: English
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