Peter Lorenz

Shaven Angels 3
by Peter Lorenz
Publisher's Description
Peter Lorenz's “Shaven Angels” are both: they're simultaneously vulnerable and self-confident. There's nothing artificial or doll-like about his angels. They really look like the proverbial “girl next door”. It's not the size of their breasts or the length of their legs that matters, but solely their personalities. Lorenz has a surprising answer to the question of whether the girls had to shave themselves expressly for his photo shoots. “Nine out of ten were shaven already,” he says. He believes that their hairlessness has to do with a fashion trend and perhaps with the urge to catch up on something that was formerly forbidden because of an old taboo.
ISBN: 3934020135
Publisher: Editions Reuss
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: English
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