Living Under South Street: Photographs of South Philadelphia by Jonathan Elderfield
by Jonathan Elderfield
Publisher's Description
Showing Elderfield's distinct view of South Philadelphia, this book documents a big scope of 'street life,' ranging from snapshots to carefully composed pictures. These beautiful black and white photographs strike the eye because of their lyrical quality, which is enhanced and complemented by contemporary poems. Due to this interdisciplinary conception, we find a great deal of authenticity in the street scenes, yet there is enough room for our own imagination to go beyond the captured moment. Extremes of poverty as well as healthy middle class are shown, in all variety of cultural heritage that is manifested in the resident's appearances.
ISBN: 3936636052
Publisher: Kehrer Verlag
Hardcover : 144 pages
Language: German
Dimensions: 10.2 x 7.3 x 0.7 inches
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