Enoc Perez: Tender (English and German Edition)
by Enoc Perez
Publisher's Description
The paintings of Enoc Perez are instantly recognizable, both for his technique and his subject matter. The Puerto Rico-born, New York-based artist layers pictures selected from postcards, downloaded images, or his own polaroids, by pressing paper backed with wet oilstick monochromes against a canvas or paper, and drawing on its surface. The drawing is peeled away to leave a layer of printed paint. The paintings’ subjects are modernist buildings, many iconic, like the Chrysler Building or the United Nations headquarters. Far from architectural renderings, these luminous, intriguing works ingeniously denude the images of both their privacy and their publicly iconic significance. For Perez, the painting itself is the final statement. A great complement to Perez’s other published book, Caribe Club.
ISBN: 3940953067
Publisher: Snoeck
Paperback : 64 pages
Language: English
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