Isadora Tast

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Isadora Tast - Mother India
by christian schuelle
Publisher's Description
In her insistent series “Mother India” Isadora Tast shows sensitive portraits from very diverse people, who came to India during their search for a homeland and for meaning and just stayed there. They come from Germany, England, France, Italy, but also from Mexico, Azerbaijan or Canada. They set forth with clear aims or blurred dreams – but they all are on the search for a more fulfilled life.

Short vitas and extracts from conversations, which Isadora Tast held with the emigrants, give information about the different motivations and the question if the drop-outs’ wishes and imaginations have been fulfilled.

A detailed essay by Christian Schüle, which deals with the identity of the dropout in 25 fragments, introduces the sequence.
ISBN: 3941825003
Publisher: Peperoni books
Hardcover : 142 pages
Language: German
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