Torben Hoeke

Torben Hoeke: Rented Rooms
by Peter Bialobrezski
Publisher's Description
Photographer Torben Höke travelled for three months through India taking pictures inside hostels, run-down hotels and other low-budget accommodations. All manner of rooms are shown, with an array of dimly lit halls, electrical wiring nightmares, peeling paint, underwhelming décor and grungy floors typical to these nondescript spaces that could, in fact, be located anywhere. It is a curious limbo he portrays, along with its inhabitants – renters, staff, backpackers and dogs. In a sense, it is a world of its own, but also one quite familiar to anyone who has journeyed through India on a limited budget.
ISBN: 3941825380
Publisher: Peperoni Books
Hardcover : 80 pages
Language: English
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