Armand Quetsch

Armand Quetsch: Ephemera (French Edition)
by Armand Quetsch
Publisher's Description
Photographer Armand Quetsch uses various genres in his work – portrait, still life and landscape – to capture the world in a manner that is both familiar and impenetrable. ‘Ephemera’ speaks to this sense of dreamy wonderment, but also to a more disturbing, darker side of perception. Quetsch catches flower arrangements and taxidermy with a bright camera flash, throwing the scenes into a sharp contrast of shadows and light, or barely illuminates murky forests and buildings in a monochrome wash. He is likewise attentive to various textures, patterns and atmospheres. A poem (in French) by José Ensch completes the series.
ISBN: 3941825429
Publisher: Peperoni Books
Hardcover : 120 pages
Language: French
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