Robert Haidinger

by Robert Haidinger
Publisher's Description
“The agency remains – is perhaps now more than ever – a place for photojournalists with the ambition to witness the world and produce exciting photo-essays that are visually interesting and journalistically relevant. A meeting place for photographers from both East and West. A family, not a factory, dedicated to photography and quality. A place for people with passion. A virtual home for photography in the midst of Europe, the beautiful city of Vienna.” Regina Maria Anzenberger, Vienna, April 2008

Photographers: Andrej Balco, Ivan Blazhev, Jan Brykczynski, Sinan Cakmak, Davin Ellicson, Bevis Fusha, Christine de Grancy, Andrei Liankevich, Daniele Mattioli, Rafal Milach, Fatih Pinar, Janis Pipars, Irina Dana Popa, Agnieszka Rayss, Max Sher, Filip Singer, Igor Starkov. Essay by Ingo Petz. Texts by Robert Haidinger.
ISBN: 3981234405
Publisher: Moser Verlag GmbH
Perfect Paperback Language: English
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