Stefan Enders

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FRONTAL Stefan Enders
by Mathias Haentjes
Publisher's Description
Frontal encounters – fleeting, unexpected, direct. Photographs of people up close and immediate. Stefan Enders dissects moments of reality. From this fleeting encounter a moment of closeness of the most intensive kind is born. Stefan Enders takes his photographs in streets and squares, in public spaces. They are not portraits in the classical sense, but snapshots. Using his camera’s wide-angle lens, Enders comes within centimeters of situations and moments of everyday life. Again and again, his photographs become, as it were, an intuitive means for cutting out a »breath« of reality. The results are unusual portraits of people in movement, often in panorama format, in hard black and white.

Stefan Enders’ large-format pictures are uncommon and uncustomary. They are both expression and documentation of a situation, and yet they point beyond this, confronting us with questions about life and our own human existence. Although originating from different countries and different culture areas, the works are a coherent, comprehensive cycle describing the photographer’s way of looking at the world and his search for it.

Enders studied painting at the art academies in Mainz and Düsseldorf, before his focus began to shift more and more to photography.

»It was this great closeness to reality that fascinated me. I was no longer able to freely invent my subjects the way painters or sculptors do. I was tied to what was happening in front of my camera. I had to come to terms with reality much more directly – to expose myself to reality in order to get the pictures I was looking for. That’s what always makes it so difficult even today – but that is exactly what makes this medium so fascinating.«

Along with his own projects, he has spent many years working for magazines and journals in the field of photo-reportage and portraits. His works have been published in magazines like Stern, Geo, Zeit, Spiegel, Focus, Merian etc. In 2005 he was appointed Professor of Photography at the University of Applied Sciences, Mainz. Stefan Enders lives in Cologne and Mainz.
ISBN: 3981234464
Hardcover Language: German
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