Stephan Olah - Stadtbahnbogen (German Edition)
by Andreas Lehne
Publisher's Description
Built between 1893 and 1901, Vienna’s city train lines form a network of viaducts underneath which a fascinating variety of enterprises flourishes in the resulting arcades (‘stadtbahnbogen’). Characteristic urban cycles of renewal, overwriting and adaption are readily apparent, symbolic of the wider, dynamic changes in the city. Presented through both archival images and many contemporary, full-page photographs, the ‘stadtbahnbogen’ house everything from car repair shops to ateliers, businesses and clubs. Whether covered in graffiti or climbing vines, bricked in or boarded up, the arcades are a unique cross-section of urban life, history and change in Vienna.
ISBN: 3993000854
Publisher: Metroverlag
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: German
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