In the Darkroom: An Illustrated Guide to Photographic Processes Before the Digital Age
by Sarah Kennel
Publisher's Description
Until digital photography, all methods for making photographs required light-sensitive materials that behave predictably, chemicals that control and fix the action of light, and a support upon which the image rests. In the Darkroom is a compilation of essential information about the predominant processes in use since 1839.

Photographers and others have explored and refined these basic requirements in their quest to expand the artistic and technological possibilities of photography. This book is a concise introduction to the twenty-seven most common photographic and photomechanical processes (some still used), from the origins of the medium up to the time when the use of chemicals and a darkened room was superseded by the digital technology.

In the Darkroom is an elegant illustrated guide for students, photographers, museum visitors, collectors, and anyone interested in the fascinating history of photography.

Entries include:
• Concise technical descriptions of the processes and their common uses
• Museum-quality illustrations (some at high magnification to show print characteristics)
• Diagrams indicating the basic structure of the print or negative.

The guide also includes a timeline with the major dates of use for each process, an extensive glossary, and an index of variant names.

Ambrotype, Autochrome, Bromoil Print, Carbon Print, Carbro Print, Chromogenic Color, Collodion Negative, Collodion Print, Collotype, Cyanotype, Daguerreotype, Diffusion Transfer Processes, Dye Imbibition Print, Flexible Film, Gelatin Dry, Plate Negative, Gelatin Silver Print, Gum Dichromate Print, Halftone Print, Paper Negative, Photogenic Drawing, Photogravure, Platinum and Palladium Prints, Salted Paper Print, Silver Dye Bleach Print, Tintype, Woodburytype
ISBN: 0500288704
Publisher: Thames & Hudson
Paperback : 104 pages
Language: English
Dimensions: 6.5 x 9.5 x 0.5 inches
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