Hornio Masao

The Universe Of Photography Of Horino Masao: Vision Of The Modernist (Japanese and English Edition)
by Kaneko Ryuichi
Publisher's Description
This book accompanies the exhibition on Horino Masao at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. A primary figure in Japan’s ‘New Photography’ movement, he is considered “essential to any consideration of the formation of modern photography in Japan.” Active prior to World War II, Horino Masao addressed a variety of subjects, from theatre photographs and portraits to photomontage experiments, and later, the social realities of Japan as a photojournalist. With an emphasis on his work during the 1930s, the book presents an extensive view of the history of Japanese photography through the prodigious and exhaustive lens of one man.
ISBN: 4336054762
Publisher: Kokushokankokai
Paperback : 350 pages
Language: Japanese
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