Yasuhiro Ishimoto

Ishimoto: Shibuya, Shibuya
by Yasuhiro (Photographer) & Yokoe, Fuminore (Contributor) Ishimoto
Publisher's Description
Holding his 35mm camera casually around his stomach, Ishimoto has been busy taking portraits of (predominantly) young people’s backs, as they wait at a chaotic crossing in Shibuya since 2002. The 185 black and white photographs depict a collection of faceless figures who are all individually dressed, often in t-shirts with a slogan or pattern, or with hands patiently held behind a back. A casual glance reveals a systematic logic that in turn opens another way of viewing accompanied by associative symbols and codes.
ISBN: 4582277640
Publisher: Heibonsha Limited Publishers, Tokyo, Japan
Hardcover : 198 pages
Language: English
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