Kyoichi Tsuzuki

Kyoichi Tsuzuki - Heaven (Japanese Edition)
by Kyoichi Tsuzuki
Publisher's Description
Tsuzuki made his name with the acclaimed Tokyo Style photographic series, revealing Tokyo’s interiors with wit and great intimacy; in 1997 the Roadside Japan travelogue earned him the Kimura Ihei award. Tsuzuki’s relentless exposure of contemporary Japan veers from the documentary – the drab worlds of karaoke bars and motorway cafes – to the fantastic and outlandish, like the grottoes of exhibits from a defunct sex museum he created for the Yokohama Triennial. Such highpoints and major new works make up Heaven, a show at the Hiroshima City Museum and now a book that vividly depicts Tsukuzi’s images of Japanese reality, and unreality.
ISBN: 4861522560
Publisher: Seigensha
Paperback : 350 pages
Language: Japanese
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