Makiko Koie

Makiko Koie - Aura
by Makiko Koie
Publisher's Description
In search of crowd motif, Makiko Koie (Kyoto 1969) often visits racetracks and baseball stadiums where large numbers of people gather filling it with exultant shouts and disappointed sighs. However Koie’s work does not only portray the direct reactions of such crowds. The unique appeal emanated by the world of Makiko Koie is not limited to conveying the crowd, but can also be felt in her photographs of people on the street and the shimmering clusters of emerald leaves. Although the instrument she employs is the photograph as a “record of reality”, Koie also uses methods that produce what remind us of out-of-focus and blurred images. Essay by Shuji Takashina.
ISBN: 4861522781
Publisher: Seigensha Art Publishing
Hardcover : 106 pages
Language: Japanese
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