Akira Gomi

Yellow Men Tokyo 1995
by Akira Gomi
Publisher's Description
Yellows 4.0 is the most recent publication arising from Akira Gomi's nearly obsessional documentation of body-types. His Post-Modern approach to the concept of "types" combines an ironic catalogue of data--blood type, sitting height, education, age, favorite food, motto, foot size, questions about sexuality, reason for posing nude with deadpan, but amusing nudes. What can we tell from a naked body, its form, posture, and expression, and what do we project? Yellows 4.0 is a brilliant exploration of the non-sexual nude and with poorly digitized genital editing, Yellows 4.0 is also an interesting peek into the obscenity restrictions of the Japanese publishing industry.
ISBN: 4894240521
Publisher: Fuga Shobo
Hardcover : 160 pages
Language: English
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