Naoki Ishikawa

Naoki Ishikawa: Mt. Fuji
by Naoki Ishikawa
Publisher's Description
One of the symbols of Japan, Mt. Fuji attracts widespread recognition, beckoning climbers from all over the world to climb to its summit. For Naoki Ishikawa it posed a challenge to attempt to depict this icon in a brand new and dynamic manner, from ground zero to its snow covered peaks. The result is a photographic journey, beginning with images of a burning pyre of wood and a religious festival in a village at the foot of the mountain, followed by lush, ghost like forests, various snow-filled and summer-time landscapes, trekking paths, dynamic aerial panoramas, and of course, the top of the mountain found at the end of the journey.
ISBN: 4898152562
Publisher: Little More
Paperback : 156 pages
Language: Japanese
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