Yumiko Utsu

Yumiko Utsu - Out of the Ark (Japanese and English Edition)
by Shohei Yamaguchi
Publisher's Description
Interest in Yumiko Utsu is high. Born in Tokyo in 1978, her saturated, fecund photographs are inspired, at turns, by the natural world, food, sex and Manga. Her work has been collected by Charles Saatchi; this career-spanning exhibition monograph is much awaited. In Utsu’s world, the sumptuousness of glossy food photography collides with unsettling and erotic anthropomorphic deviations. Kittens with octopus eyes, priapic carrots, decomposing tomatoes, and parasite-infested dolls walk the line between desire and disgust. Exhibited in Tokyo and London, ‘Out Of Ark’ is an essential introduction to Utsu’s work that will disturb, amuse, revolt and delight, in equal – or not so equal – measure.
ISBN: 4902080273
Publisher: artbeat publishers
Paperback : 176 pages
Language: Japanese
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