Hiroko Inoue

Hiroko Inoue - Inside-Out
by Various
Publisher's Description
‘Inside-Out’ presents the fruits of a ten year long investigation into the windows found in various psychiatric institutions, hospitals, sanatoriums, first aid camps, concentration camps and juvenile prisons. In so doing, Hiroki Inoue focuses at the same time on the memories of the scenes where tragic events occurred and the physical spaces where people currently live. The viewer is charmed by the melodious beauty of the monochrome contrast of light and shade that is framed and filtered by the windows while being constantly reminded of the painful confines of institutional space. A total of 60, thought-provoking, colour photographs are presented one to a page or over double spreads and accompanied by a short essay by Reiko Kokatsu.
ISBN: 4902943425
Publisher: Foil
Paperback : 92 pages
Language: Russian
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