Yasuzo Nojima

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Yasuzo Noijma Shashinshu (Japanese Edition)
by Yasuzo Noijma
Publisher's Description
This is the first monograph dedicated to the work of Yasuzo Nojima, one of the most important figures of early Japanese photography. The present volume includes faithful reproductions of Nojima's gum, bromoil and gelatin silver prints, spanning 1910 to 1949. Through the 1920s, Nojima worked in the prevailing pictorial style, but starting from the 1930s his work took a more experimental turn. Nojima also co-founded the magazine 'Koga,' which had a profound influence on the course of photography in Japan. This is an essential book for anyone with an interest in the history of Japanese photography.
ISBN: 4903545431
Publisher: Akaakasha
Hardcover : 192 pages
Language: Japanese
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